The Grøngård background

Grøngård ("Groengaard") is the name of our property. The name is the Danish word for 'green farm'.

The property covers about 35 acres and is situated next to the "Frijsenborg" forests, which is among the largest continuous forest areas in Denmark. The interplay of a large forest area and a Christmas tree plantation sets a beautiful scenery for the property with an exuberant wildlife.

The original buildings were one farm and two independent houses, which were occupied by three families until about 1950.

The oldest house was build in 1827 and had a floorage of 80 square metres, and originally it housed two families. A large, centrally situated brick chimney removed the smoke from the kitchen ranges and the fireplaces.

Today, two of the original houses are build together and only one family resides at the property. The property has 12 acres with approximately 50,000 Nordmann Fir Trees in rotation. The botanical name of the trees is ABIES NORDMANNIANA, They belong to the Pinaceae family and are of the type Caucasian Fir. The Christmas tree plantation is surrounded by a fence to protect the trees from animals.